I took my TB to Kasaba Bay Equestrian Farm straight from the racing yard.

We only got there after the sun set but we were welcomed by the whole family.

My horse was a little spooked but they handled him with TLC and he calmed down for the night.

Alan himself gave my horse food and water and stayed there to make sure he was ok after a long journey.

The next morning I got a sms saying he is fine and making friends with his horses.

Whenever we got to the yard we were greeted by friendly faces.

The head groom is brilliant and he always was around to help you.

He and Alan always working hard to improve where they can and the yard maintenance

was kept up to date and was always clean no matter the time of day.

The horses are out in big paddocks and where always watched to see if they were ok and

also matched to a another horse for company.

My horse kept his condition while he was not ridden for a letdown after his racing career.

Alan and his groom walks the horses around the block every second day and they loved it.

It kept the horses fit and helped my horse not loose condition.

 They feed they horses top quality  hay and feed.

All in all this is a lovely small yard that provides great service and the horses really are their no 1 concern.

It was sad when we learned that we had to move because of work and would be too far to keep our horse with them.

For the service you as client and your horse gets from this yard, the stabling is a giveaway.

 If we move back this yard would be our first choice.


Kristi Schutte


Jeremiah 29: 11 “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,

"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

After having ridden before in my life, as a teenager and then again at the age of thirty something and having owned three

thoroughbreds and three ponies previously, I felt my dream come alive once more in September last year. 

I wanted to not only ride again but I felt the desire to own my own horse. Because of my previous experience of a

mare that was just too much for me, I promised myself and my family I would do this ‘properly’, by seeking outside advice and input.  

My priority then became a place that I would feel comfortable at for weekly lessons.

Not young anymore I knew that I needed that ‘exclusive’ touch ,

where I wasn’t just one of many (and those many being mostly youngsters) the other pre-requisite ;

if I was getting my own horse then the yard needed to be in close proximity to our plot. 

So my daughter and I starting this adventure together, drove around the area to check what was on the wall of

Kasaba Bay’s yard, the plot bordering ours so we knew that there was something horsey happening. 

I went onto the Internet , found the web page and emailed ......Kyly responded making me already feel so relaxed

 in my insecurity of riding again at 45. (this after approx seven years of not being in the saddle).

 We made arrangements to assess the yard and have a chat the following Saturday. 

We were made to feel so at ease, and really welcome.

We had some decisions to make, but by that evening felt that this is where we needed to be. 

We started our lessons on Dragoner, on the lunge reign, again such caution and care.

Kyly assisted me in my search for a horse by sending me all contacts she had available and an offer to come with me to ‘test’ ride.

My sister in law was already ‘on it’ – and coincidently I rode the ‘boy of my dreams’ the same day that I started lessons – 22nd October 2011.

 Communicating to Kyly the whole way through the journey of the transaction assisted me in knowing I had made the right decision. 

Kyly and Tyrone were there with the horse-box transporting my Joni Kash home on the 5th November 2011.

Kyly and Alan were there when we needed to inject our pony with AHS vaccine.

They were there in a flash when my boy cut himself so bad on the 29th November 2011 (before I got home they had calmed him,

 assessed the wound and phoned the vet), consoling not only him but me and the family.

Kyly constantly checked up on how Joni was doing and how I was doing through the eight weeks that he was out of action.

Alan assisted with the administration of the Penicillin injection too, coming to our house every evening for a few.

Kyly was on standby when we went on holiday – giving me such peace of mind.

She has instructed us through our first training show – which was amazing!

She offers advice every week with love and genuine concern and I know that she is always only an email, sms or phone-call away.  

After eight years of living next door to each other, I believe that God has placed these amazing people in our path.

This all being part of His bigger plan, to love and care for our ‘neighbours’.

I am so thankful and look forward to many more hours on horse-back with the remarkable instruction and teaching from Kyly –

where I am made to feel special!


Debbie Maguire


As the saying goes, my horse has landed with his bum in the butter! I could not ask for a better yard than Kasaba Bay.

Having a slightly older horse, I’m always thinking of his health and how to look after him as the years roll on,

 luckily I have very knowledgeable people I can turn to at Kasaba Bay,

Kyly is always willing to help and suggest new or alternative solutions for my monster.

He has improved in leaps and bounds since arriving at the yard, his feet have improved dramatically to the point

he no longer wears overreach boots at all. He is maintaining his condition and looking fantastic.

Having recently started taking lessons at the yard as well,

I have also seen the dedication that Kyly puts into her pupils, and the personal level of teaching,

taking each student at their own pace, just pushing them enough to encourage them.

Also organising different activities for the pupils to expand their own knowledge,

from Pony Camps to finding courses that may be beneficial to the pupils, depending on their level of riding.

 It is a very social yard, were you feel comfortable enough to “take your shoes off “ so to speak,

and don’t feel as if you need to speed of in your car straight after your lesson,

you are in fact encouraged to hang around and continue to learn and participate.

I can’t see myself taking my child anywhere else.

Bradley Grannum


As a forty something mother of four, I finally got to the point where perhaps I could spend

some money on my own interests rather than always prioritising the kids’ extra murals and sports gear.

Having ridden in the “olden days” (as my kids would say), and being unfit and out of shape,

I wasn’t convinced I could do it properly again, but the desire to ride was still there.

Every holiday if there was a trail ride I managed to drag my poor husband along.

My friend Debbie Maguire convinced me as she had started riding lessons with Kyly,

 and assured me that with the “modern invention” of the mounting block,

not even my shoulder impingement would be a problem.

So at least I would be able to get onto the horse, which is always a good place to start!

Kyly was very patient and I realised quickly that I knew much less than I thought I did from way back.

She took things slowly and I have realised the wisdom of this as I have slowly built up my strength for riding again,

reawakening muscles that have long been asleep, without ever feeling any aches and pains.

As I did so, the passion for riding reignited and I found it to be both stress relieving and therapeutic.

This is “me” time and I love it!

I tried two horses at other instructor’s yards, and on both occasions I was told that I had a good seat and the one,

who has years of experience, said  “whoever has been teaching you knows what she is doing”.

I still have a long way to go to be the rider that I have in my mind but with Kyly’s guidance I am half baiting

a horse now and hopefully one day will buy a horse of my own. Kyly is always willing to help

 and give advice and tips and not only during lesson time.

She goes out of her way to help her riders and her knowledge and ability to work with her horses belies her age.

I would encourage any ex- riders who still have a hankering for riding to give it a try,

as the rewards physically and emotionally are huge!

Elka Day


After being to a riding school before, I was sceptic about taking lessons again as my experience

the first time around was particularly bad, however, I was worried about my riding skills 

if I was doing something wrong there was no one around to tell me & help to

correct my faults, so I decided to take lessons again. 

 I googled riding schools, and Kasaba Bay equestrian farm popped up,

so I emailed Kyly and booked my first lesson

(at that stage I first wanted to check the place out and see how Kyly handled her horses,

and me as the client of course!). What a pleasant experience it was. 

I took a friend along for moral support and I think she might have enjoyed it just as much as I did,

even though she is terrified of horses J.   

Kyly is a great instructor – she has the knowledge and patience that not many other

people have and she is always willing to answer questions. 

To me it seems that her goal is not only to make you the best rider you can be,

but to make you the best horseman/horsewoman you can be too. 

Unfortunately I am moving to Cape Town and I can’t seem to convince her to move there as well

 I will dearly miss my lessons at Kasaba Bay and I would take lessons from Kyly in a heartbeat if we ever live in the same city again. 




As a young girl I have always had an interest in horses and would dream of one day owing my own. 

 I did some kiddie lessons which I applied to my riding style throughout my adulthood. 

 I ‘thought’ I rode quite well whenever I got the opportunity! 

It was during 2012 that Debbie Maguire (a client of Kyly) got me interested in becoming a more habitual horse rider. 

We agreed that I take riding lessons from Kyly at Kasaba Bay Equestrian Farm. 

It was a good way to see if I could dedicate myself to this ‘wonderful and therapeutic’ type of exercise/sport. 

 So at the beginning of May 2012 I was introduced to the most amazing Warmblood, Dragoner. 

Boy did I have a lot to learn.  I had to start with the basics and I am still learning / practising those basics as the weeks go by. 

Nevertheless, although sometimes frustrated my confidence increases as time goes by and I am having fun as I learn.  

I can’t wait for my first hunt with him in November which is a goal both Kylie and I have set for me. 

Having watched Dragoner do a hunt recently, I am sure ‘hunting with the hounds’ is the activity for me. 

It’s so free and invigorating and the horses seem to love being out in the middle of nowhere with all the space they could ever want. 

 Roll on November.  I can’t wait!!! 

It is now ten months later and my journey with Dragoner has been awesome!  He has taught me so much. 

With the dedication, love for horses and true talent of Kyly I have been blessed with the most amazing

spiritual creature that I could have wished for. 

Dragoner and I have bonded in a way that I can’t explain.  All the cookie treats aside,

he knows who I am and recognises my voice. He is the most gentle and forgiving giant and I love him dearly. 

 I am very fortunate that I am able to half bait Dragoner and I hope to spend many years with him. 


Caroline Platz



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