Important Info

Please Note that I will be away on the weekend of the 29th March 2014 to 30th March 2014 as I will be attending the last hunt of the season in the Free State (Vrede)

Lessons will still go on. I have arranging a nice horse washing/outride day in place of lessons for everyone.

Yard show:

Date: 16 March 2014

Time: 9:00am


R90 per round, R70 per round if you do more than 3 classes and
20% off on your total entry if you ride in Neigh-Bours shirt/numnah 
(includes officials levy) 
Entries will be accepted on day @ R10 penalty on top of entry fee 

Dress code Hard hat and heeled shoes must be worn!
Basic catering Available from 8:30am
Great Prizes and Rosettes

Class 1:
Pole on ground (lead-rein welcome)
Class 2:
30cm (lead-rein welcome)
Class 3: 30cm –
50cm (Jump For Joy)
Class 4:
60cm (Competition)
Class 5:
70cm (Cable Stitch (in pairs))
Class 6:
70cm (Accumulator with Joker)
Class 7:
80cm (Speed)
Class 8:
70cm and up (Power jump)


Welcome To:

We would like to welcome the following horses and Owners to our Family.


Vrijehof Galileo

Owner: Deborah Henderson

Breed: SA Warmblood, Gender: Gelding, Colour: Dark Bay, Age: 14 years, Height: 17hh, Sire: Holme Grove Goldcard, Dam: Willa Rouche, Sire of Dam: Wachmann 111,

Leo is here to relax and learn to be a horse as he is was hand reared.




Gallop On


Breed: Thoroughbred, Gender: Gelding,
Colour: Bay, Age: 15 years,
Height: 16hh,
Sire: Jallad, Dam: Galopade (ARG),
Sire of Dam: Dark Brown (BRZ),

Gallop On is on lease to us to use
for a few of our riders.


Horse Etiquette

A few pointers on Equine etiquette

Remember safety first for Horse, Rider & Spectators

·         When riding and you want to pass always pass to inside and let person know

·         Always place tack back in the same place you took it from and neatly

·         Respect your instructor and fellow riders at all times

·         Speak to your instructor and ask questions all the time

·         Always cancel lessons on time.


Show/Event/News & Dates:


Hound exercise every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Inanda country base – 6:00 am to 7:00am

(We will be at the hunts in blue – we have not decided about the others yet)

02/03/2014 – 4 Seasons Meet–4 Seasons

16/03/2014 – Jumping Training Show – Kasaba Bay

09/03/2014 – Hunter Trials - ICB

16/03/2014 –Kennels Meet – ICB

22/03/2014 – Efficiency test– Kasaba Bay

23/03/2014 – Closing Meet - ICB

30/03/2014 – Vrede Meet – Freestate


Most Improved Rider

Keep your eye out for our 1st most improved rider in our June newsletter. The lucky rider will receive a lucky prize.





Efficiency tests:

As from January 2014 I have decided that on the last lesson of every
month we will do a little theory/practical efficiency test to help us learn
more about horses and the sport we love.

I will then at the end of every 3 months hand house Kasaba Bay
certificates to each person that has completed the 3 test for that term.

Next Test date: 22nd March 2014


Fun Fact:

A horse has approximately 205 bones


We would like to let everyone know that we have 2 stables open at the yard so if you know anyone please let them know. You can give them my number 082 828 5417 or email


This is the place for you to send through all your suggestions to

From changes you would like to see in the yard, to lesson ideas and events that you would like the yard to have of you would like to attend even suggestions for the newsletter.

Please no suggestion is a stupide one. Can’t wait to read all you suggestions J

Our Website & Facebook Page:

Don't forget to visit the yards website and Facebook page, please feel free to visit both these pages as we will be putting a lot of information on them that you may need (link below)

Our Website:



Lessons Rules & Lesson Fees:


1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise100%/ fullprice of thelesson fee will be charged unless it’s an EMERGENCY

2)Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be

Attending lessons E.g. holidays, school functions etc


Please note from the end of February there will be a new bank account on the invoices if I could please ask everyone to start using then new account J


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