Important Info 

Please Note that there will be no lessons on the 21st &22nd July 2012 as I will be attending the Beaulieu College First Aid Course.

If anyone would like to join me please send me an email for more information. If you would like to make a catch up lesson as I know a

lot of you hate missing lessons we can arrange a time and date.




1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise 50% of the lesson fee will be charged unless its a EMERGENCY 

2) Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be attending lessons. e.g. holidays, school functions etc





Show News & Dates

1st July – The Yard On 3rd – Training Show Jumping show

1st July – Silver Oaks - Training Show Jumping show

7th July – Durban – Durban July Horse racing

8th July – Olympus – Training Dressage Show

27th July – London – Olympics Begins

12th/13th July – Riverleigh International – Dressage Show

21st/22nd July – Beaulieu College – First Aid Course



Yard Shirts

We are very excited that everyone loves there yard shirts. If you would like to order a shirt they are R200 a shirt and are available in

all sizes and men’s and ladies cut. We would love all our riders to have a yard shirt as part of the Kasaba Bay Equestrian Farm Team,

so please get your orders in. Payment required with order.

We will also be looking at getting yard Jackets, Numnah’s and Hats in the months to come. (Keep your eyes out)








Featured horse/rider/groom

This Months Featured Groom is:

This months Featured Groom is: Cosmos: He is our head groom and has been with us for 4 years now and loves all "His" horses to bits and does

not trust anyone else with "His" horses. So Next time you see Cosmos just say Hi and tell him what a good job he is doing

as with out him the yard and the horses would not look like they do.


Pages & websites you might like

Take a look at our blog on Neigh-Bours:

Highveld Horse Care Unit:

Michelle Symington, Equine Artist:!/MichelleSymingtonEquineArtist

Rand Hunt Club:


Welcome To:

We would like to welcome the following horses and Owners to our Family.

Villa Franca

Owner: Bradley Grannum

Breed: Thoroughbred, Gender: Gelding, Colour: Chestnut, Age: 22 years, Height: 16.1hh, Sire: Mount Hagen, Dam: Racy Gray, Sire of Dam: Barcus, Discipline: Dressage, Jumping,

Villa will be Joining us in the riding school School horse




Owner: Christie Els

Breed: SA Warmblood, Gender: Gelding, Colour: Chestnut, Age: 14 years, Height: 15.1hh, Sire: Wellmed XX, Dam:Orsilla, Sire of Dam:Daktovial, Discipline: Dressage, Jumping,

Martini is here to be schooled and is for sale/full bait




Our Website & Facebook Page

Don't forget to visit the yards website and Facebook page, please feel free to visit both these pages as we will be putting

a lot of information on them that you may need (link below)

Our Website:




Horse Derv's

We are very excited to let everyone know that we now supply Horse Derv's for your favorite horse in the yard. If you would like to order a

tub for your favorite horse to say 'Thank you'. Go to our website and look under the tab "Shop"








Yard Birthdays

***Please will you email me your birthday so that we can put it on our calendar***



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