Lessons Rules & Lesson Fees:


1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise 100%/ full price of the lesson fee will be charged unless it’s an EMERGENCY

2) Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be

Attending lessons E.g. holidays, school functions etc.


Please note as from January 2014 all lesson fees will be increasing. I have send out the new fees to everyone; if you did not receive the new fees please let me know.

Can I ask everyone to remember to send proof of payment for lessons and Stabling fees by email/sms Please send me a message if you need the details.

Please note from the end of February there will be a new bank account on the invoices if I could please ask everyone to start using then new account J


Fun Day/ Yard Braai:

I would just like to say a very big Thank You to everyone that attended our fun day that was held on the 11th January 2014. We had a lot of fun on the cleaning the yard and with only a few hours everyone could see and feel a difference.

Next Fun Day:

I would like the riders to please Email/Whats App some ideas for the next fun day.



Our last assignment was a very big success and I am glade to say that all the riders that have sent on their goals are already showing some great results. If you have not sent in your goals please do so ASAP so that we can get started on them.




Happy Birthday to:

2th February 14 – Adrie Blaauw

4th February 14 – Niky Munro

8th February 14 – Ciera Nel

Show/Event/News & Dates:

Hound exercise every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Inanda country base – 6:00 am to 7:00am

(We will be at the hunts in blue – we have not decided about the others yet)

02/02/2014 – ICB Open Day - ICB

09/02/2014 – Jazz Breakfast meet - ICB

16/02/2014 – Riversands Two - ICB

16/02/2014 – Jumping Training Show - Penny Place

15/02/2014 – 4ways Open Dressage show – 4ways Riding

22/02/2014 – Jumping Training Show – Misty Meadows

23/02/2014 – Fortress Frankfort – Free state

23/02/2014 – Jumping Training Show - Silver Oaks  



This is the place for you to send through all your suggestions to kasababay@gmail.com

From changes you would like to see in the yard, to lesson ideas and events that you would like the yard to have of you would like to attend even suggestions for the newsletter.

Please no suggestion is a stupide one. Can’t wait to read all you suggestions J


Our Website & Facebook Page:

Don't forget to visit the yards website and Facebook page, please feel free to visit both these pages as we will be putting a lot of information on them that you may need (link below)

Our Website:





Efficiency tests:

As from January 2014 I have decided that on the last lesson of every month we will do a little theory/practical efficiency test to help us learn more about horses and the sport we love.

I will then at the end of every 3 months hand house Kasaba Bay certificates to each person that has completed the 3 test for that term.

Next Test date: 8th February 2014


Fun Fact:

Horses lie down only about 43.5 minutes a day

Pages & websites you might like:

Equestrian Clearance:


Highveld Horse Care Unit:


The Trotting Trestle:


Rand Hunt Club:

www.randhunt.co.za  Bottom of Form


We are very excited to let everyone know that we have 1 stables open from January so if you know anyone please let them know. You can give them my number 082 828 5417 or email kasababay@gmail.com



We would like to congratulate the Following Kasaba Bay Riders:

Mariaan Pinaar; on the half lease of Zaro we wish the two of you many happy days riding together.

Kyly Munro & Tyrone Henning, Kyly will be expecting a little bundle of joy in a few months’ time. 


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