Important Info

As the year is coming to an end I hope everyone will have a very safe and fun filled December and return safe in the New Year for many more fun hours at the yard.

Please Note that I have decided to close the yard from the 23rd December to the 1st January. Last lessons of the year will be on Saturday 22 December and then lessons will start again on the 2nd January 2013

Please don’t forget to let me know the exact dates you will be away one holiday and not attending lessons, even if it is only the week when the yard is closed.

There will also be no lessons on Saturday the 15th December as I will be attending a horse 1st Aid course, Please if you have a lesson that day speak to me so we can arrange a lesson for you on another day. If you would like to join the course email me for info,



As the year is coming to an end we have decided to run another competition.

This is how it works the first student to reach their 100th lesson with me will get one month’s free riding lessons (T & C apply).

All your lessons you have had so far will be added to your total.

To be legible for this prize you will need to make sure that you sign in every lesson from the 1st December 2012 (there will be a book in the tack room).

If you have lessons at another yard you will need to ask me to sign in for you.

If you don’t ask it will not be done and this means your total will not increase even if you have had lessons.


Course and events

These are some courses and events we feel are very beneficial and would like everyone to attend if possible.

Some of them are hosted by Kasaba Bay and others by external venues.

For More info email me

Date to be confirmed Kasaba Bay  – Dressage Clinic

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - Anatomy Pony Camp

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - In house show

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - Turn out Clinic  


 Show/Event/News & Dates:

Hound exercise every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Inanda country base – 6:00 am to 7:00 am

(We will be at the hunts in blue – we have not decided about the others yet)


02/12/2012 - 28 McIntyre Rd, Glenferness (Cap Fee Adults R200, juniors R100)

07/12/2012 – Lipizzaner Christmas Performances
09/12/2012 - Children's Meet, Inanda Country Base. (Cap Fee Children & juniors R100, Adults R250)

09/12/2012 – Christmas Training Show – Four Ways Riding Centre

15/12/2012 -  Horse 1st Aid Course – Beaulieu Equestrian Academy

16/12/2012 - Lipizzaner Christmas Performances
16/12/2012 - KENNELS, Inanda Country Base (Cap Fee Adults R250, juniors R150) 

16/12/2012 - Christmas Training Show – Four Ways Riding Centre
23/12/2012 - Hound Exercise to rest before the festive parties!   
26/12/2012 - Boxing Day Meet, Inanda Country Base. (Cap Fee adults R250, juniors R150)   
30/12/2012 - Hound Exercise to recover from the festive parties!    



Changes and Growth in the yard:

As you all know I am working very hard to get the yard to grow and become the best yard it can be but I cannot do it on my own. I am asking everyone to please try becoming more active in the events that we hold at the yard and even the ones that we go to at other yards. I would love to go to a show/event and see the whole Kasaba Bay team there supporting one another or just having fun. Remember if you have and suggestions you are more than welcome to send them to me. 

We are very excited to let everyone know that our project of building new stables is well under way and we can’t wait to finish them. . This one is a big project.  We have started building 4 news stables and a new feed room.

We will still be creating a lovely seating area on the side of the arena so you can have somewhere nice to sit and watch other lessons or just relax this will be done right after we have finished the new stables.

Our Website will also be getting a nice new look and update with our own IP address soon.


Kelly Helping build the stables


We are very excited to let everyone know that we will have 2 stables open from the middle of December so if you know anyone please let them know. You can give them my number 082 828 5417 or email

We also have a few horses up for lease for more info please feel free to send me an email for more info




1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise 50% of the

Lesson fee will be charged unless it’s an EMERGENCY

2) Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be

attending lessons. E.g. holidays, school functions etc.



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