Lessons Rules & Lesson Fees:


1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise 100%/ full price of the lesson fee will be charged unless it’s an EMERGENCY

2) Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be

attending lessons E.g. holidays, school functions etc.


Please note as from January 2014 all lesson fees will be increasing. I will email everyone with the new lesson fees ASAP.


Fun Day/ Yard Braai:

As 2013 comes to an end we would like to close the year with a Fun day and Yard Braai.

All lessons for this day will be combined in to one day full of fun and then followed by a yard braai/lunch (suggestions welcome)

As this will be the last day of lessons for the year please could I ask everyone to bring extra treats for the horses to say THANK YOU

 Carrots, apples, horse cookies, sugar cubes

are all good options,

Date: 21st December 2013

Time: 9am till 3pm

Place: Kasaba Bay Equestrian Farm

Please RSVP: 17th December 2013



Festive Season holiday:

As 2013 comes to an end and we all start to wind down and take a break from our busy lives we also need to thing about the horses and how hard they have worked over the past year.

So we have decided to close the lesson side of the yard from:

22nd December 2013 to 10th January 2014





Welcome To:

We would like to welcome the following horses and Owners to our Family



Show/Event/News & Dates:

Hound exercise every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Inanda country base – 6:00am to 7:00am

(We will be at the hunts in blue – we have not decided about the others yet)


01/12/2013 – Children’s meet – ICB

01/12/2013 – Jumping training show – 4ways

01/12/2013 – Jumping training show – Sunlands

07/12/2013 – Jumping training show - GHS

08/12/2013 – Palmiet fontein Ranch  

15/12/2013 – Glenferness / River sands

21/12/2013 – Fun Day/ Yard Braai – Kasaba Bay

22/12/2013 – New Venue – Hekpoort

26/12/2013 – Boxing Day – ICB



This is the place for you to send through all your suggestions to kasababay@gmail.com

From changes you would like to see in the yard, to lesson ideas and events that you would like the yard to have of you would like to attend even suggestions for the newsletter.

Please no suggestion is a stupide one. Can’t wait to read all you suggestions J




Pages & websites you might like:

Highveld Horse Care Unit:


Rand Hunt Club:


Western Shoppe:


Horseman’s Haven:



Our Website & Facebook Page:

Don't forget to visit the yards website and Facebook page, please feel free to visit both these pages as we will be putting

a lot of information on them that you may need (link below)

Our Website:





Fun Fact:

Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton.

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Featured horse/rider/groom

This Month’s Featured Rider is:

This month’s Featured Rider is: Kyly Munro: Kyly is the Yard owner and instructor; she has been riding horses for +- 12years now and still loving every minute of it. She has achieved numerous goals over the last 12 years the likes of half colour’s from The West Gauteng Equestrian in Show Jumping and Dressage in 2006 and 2007 and Placing in the top 3 at numerous shows.

Kyly competes in the following disciplines; Jumping, Dressage, Drag Hunting, Equitation and Eventing



We are very excited to let everyone know that we have 1 stables open from January so if you know anyone please let them know. You can give them my number 082 828 5417 or email kasababay@gmail.com

We also have a few horses up for lease for more info please feel free to send me an email for more info kasababay@gmail.com.


Changes & Growth in the yard:

As you all know I am working very hard to get the yard to grow and become the best yard it can be but I cannot do it on my own. I am asking everyone to please try becoming more active in the events that we hold at the yard and even the ones that we go to at other yards.

I would love to go to a show/event and see the whole Kasaba Bay team there supporting one another or just having fun. Remember if you have any suggestions you are more than welcome to send them to me.

We are very excited to let everyone know the following changes have happened over the festive season:


Fun Quiz:

Here is a fun little quiz for everyone to take part in:

Please email your answers to kasababay@gmail.com, Spot prize for someone J

This is a fun quiz for horse crazy people like me! :) Don't worry, it's not too hard! “http://www.allthetests.com/quiz15/quiz/1124057649/The-Horse-Quiz”

Top of Form

·         1. What is the type of riding where there is a horn on the saddle?

Western how would I know? English

·         2. What is an adult girl horse called?

Foal Gelding Mare

·         3. What is the part of the bridle that goes across the horse's forehead or under the forelock?

Noseband Brow band Bit

·         4. How small does a horse have to be to be considered a pony?

12.5 hands 17.2 hands 14.3 hands

·         5. How old do horses have to be to race?

1 year 5 years 3 years

·         6. What is the 2nd fastest gait for most horses?

Gallop Trot Canter

·         7. Is "paint" a breed of horse or a colour?

Neither, it's something you make pictures with Colour Breed

·         8. How many legs do horses have?

Um......... waffles? 4 17

·         9. What is the oldest breed of horse that is still in existence?

Appaloosa Clydesdale Arabian

·         10. Are horses the best animals in the world?

Yes! Of course! They are okay no; I hate them (I sure hope you don't)

Pic of the month