Weight loss challenge:

The challenge is open to all peeps who want to lose weight affiliated to Kasaba Bay as approved by Kyly

The challenge will run from the 2nd April – 31st May 2013

The winner will be the person that has lost the most in kilograms as % of total bodyweight

at the start of the competition Your weight must be recorded and signed as true and correct

as at the morning of the 3rd of April

(this to enable the final weekend excess to be reduced to get a truer reflection of your actual weight)

and placed in the box/email as well Your weight will again be recorded,

signed and supplied in the box/email one the 30 April 2013 and then final weight on the 31st May 2013

The difference between your starting and ending weight will be calculated

and then worked out as a % of your starting bodyweight. (

Example – starting weight 60kgs, final weight 55kgs Difference = 5kgs , % will be 5/60*100 = 8.33% vs.

 starting weight of 70kgs, final weight of 65kgs Difference 5kgs, % will be 5/70*100 = 7.14% …

therefore 60kgs starting weight wins)

The entry fee is R 100.00 and the winner will be receive the collective entry of all participants.

The R100.00 must be placed in a box at Kasaba Bay by Latest Saturday 6th March 2013

The winner will determined by Kyly who will keep all recorded weights in confidence.

The winner will be announced and supplied the prize by the 2nd June 2013

If there is a tie the money will be split equally or the participants may agree to go on another two weeks

This competition is reliant totally on your honesty and integrity Happy Healthy eating.



Yard Open Day:

Kasaba Bay Equestrian Centre is enlarging its Equine Assisted Therapy side and wish to offer the services of our horses to you and your clients.                                      

In light of this we are hosting an open day to discuss the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy.

 Topics to be covered:

·        The Nature Of The Horse

·        How The Horse Helps Us

·        Benefits Of Equine Assisted Therapy Used With Conventional Therapy

-         Physically

-         Mentally

-         Emotionally

-         Learning Therapy

·        Different Methods Used

·        Q and A



TIME: 10 AM – 4 PM

(Please note that should you not be able to attend the open day but are still interested in finding out more you can set up an appointment to view the yard and discuss how we can help you privately)  


yard Shirts:

Kasaba Bay Yard Shirts if you would like to order a shirt they are R200 a shirt and are available in

all sizes and men’s and ladies cut, Kyly has samples of the mens and ladies shirts for viewing,

We would love all our riders to have a yard shirt as part of the Kasaba Bay Equestrian Farm Team,

so please get your orders in. Payment required with order.

We will also be looking at getting yard Jackets, Numnah’s and Hats in the months to come. (Keep your eyes out)







Show/Event/News & Dates:

Hound exercise every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – Inanda country base – 6:00 am to 7:00 am

(We will be at the hunts in blue – we have not decided about the others yet)


06/04/2013 - Blood Stock SA - Imagine Racing

14/04/2013 - ICB - Rand Hunt Hunter Trials

16/04/2013 - Kasaba Bay Open Day - Special Needs Schools

21/04/2013 - Sunland's - SJ, Dressage Training Show

21/04/2013 - Olympus - Jumping Training Show

21/04/2013 - Mazz - Training Show

21/04/2013 - Silver Oaks - Jumping Show



warm welcome New Horses:

A big and warm welcome to the Claxton family and there lovely horse Ebony.



Breed:  TB

Gender: Mare

Colour: Dark Bay

Age: 15 years

Height: 16hh

Sire: Northern Guest

Dam: Minstrel's Story (SAF)

Sire of Dam: Phantom Earl (SAF)

Discipline: Dressage, Jumping



Day @ the races:

I think this could be a really fun thing for the whole yard to attended, Please RSVP with me ASAP.

I will be in contact with all students that have lessons on the 6th to reschedule.

Please support:

We are very proud to say that one of our very own riders will be acting in this play  Mishka Pillay

 Mishka has asked us all to please support her.




courses and events:

As we are growing we would like to hold/attend more courses and events.

bellow are some courses and events we feel are very beneficial and would like everyone to attend if possible.

Some of them are hosted by Kasaba Bay and others by external venues.

For More info email me kasababay@gmail.com

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - In house Jumping show

Date to be confirmed Kasaba Bay  – Dressage Clinic

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - Anatomy Pony Camp

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - Turn out Clinic  

Date to be confirmed - Kasaba Bay  - Fun day

16 April 2013 - Kasaba Bay  - Open day




1) Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise 100% full price of the

lesson fee will be charged unless it’s an EMERGENCY

2) Lessons continue in the rain and 24 hours cancellation notice is still required

3) Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours may be made up

4) Riders are to please inform me in writing of the exact dates when they will not be

attending lessons. E.g. holidays, school functions etc.

My self and Nicky are very happy with all our clients and we would like to say WELDON to all of them

for doing so well and achieving personal goals.






 Changes and Growth in the yard:

As you all know I am working very hard to get the yard to grow and become the best yard it can be but

I cannot do it on my own. I am asking everyone to please try becoming more active in the events that we

hold at the yard and even the ones that we go to at other yards. I would love to go to a show/event and

see the whole Kasaba Bay team there supporting one another or just having fun. Remember if you have

and suggestions you are more than welcome to send them to me. 

We are very excited to let everyone know the following changes have happened over the past few months:

1)   We have our own IP address now www.kasababay.co.za,

2)  You can find our adds in the following places:  Horse Mag Monthly, Hony Stable,

Equestrian Society, Neigh-Bours, Horse Trading, Grape Vine,

3)  Our new stable block is coming on nicely we only have to put the doors on and then they are done,

4) We have a 2nd instructor to teach the younger and special needs clients

5) All our stables are full

 We will still be creating a lovely seating area on the side of the arena so you can have somewhere nice to sit

and watch other lessons or just relax.





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